La Provence

Starting from La Bastide des Amouriers you can easily reach all the vistas, villages and valleys that make Provence the destination of your dreams.

Le charme de la provence photo Rowan Heuvel - Unsplash
Lavande : produit typiquement provencçal
Raisin de provence
Les produits typiques de provence
La provence charme assuré
France provence : notre maison d'hôte près de la mer

Suggested visits

Some of the places within a short drive from La Bastide des Amouriers:


The Palace of the Popes, the ramparts, the extremely eclectic performing arts festival running for 3 weeks in July and the centre of town teeming with bars and restaurants where nobody sits inside unless the Mistral blows the tables off the terrace. It’s certainly worth a leisurely visit, just don’t take your car as the ongoing tramway works make the traffic dense. We can arrange for you to be driven to the heart of the town and picked up at the end of your visit.

Avignon ville de fêtes et lumières en Provencen près de notre maison d'hôtes
Roussillon un village typique de la Provence, à proximité de notre maison d'hôtes


Sentier des Ocres from 10am to 7pm, 2.5€ per person, 30 min to an hour.

The village of Rousillon, voted as one of the most beautiful in France, is perched atop multi-shaded ochre cliffs fashioned by man and time. You can admire the delightful views over undulating Provencal countryside and take a long walk along a forest trail landscaped into the yellow and orange ochre sand hills. Get back to the village to dine on a terrace of one of its many restaurants offering an array of styles and prices. Simply gorgeous.

L’Isle sur la Sorgue

This iconic Provençal village is literally floating on an island surrounded by the fast flowing Sorgue river powering the 62 slowly turning mill wheels. Along the river banks you’ll find an array of restaurants that propose local cuisine, pasta, crepes and even traditional pub fare with a garlicky Gallic touch. Make sure you get there early to secure a table by the river; you can either gaze into your partner’s eyes or feed the domesticated ducks and timid trout with the crumbs of your baguette. The main attraction is the Thursday and Sunday morning market: sample the succulent fruit and veg that taste like sunshine or the tangy flavour of locally grown, sneakily moreish marinated olives. Get lost in the tasty maze of cheeses, sausages…a gourmet nirvana.

The Antique Market: the second largest European brocante (flea market) is usually staged throughout the second week of August. It’s a must. You’ll regret not camping in a van. When it gets too hot, purchase a few scoops of artisanal ice cream and dip your feet in the cool river…then go back for more. Reserve a whole day, two if serious about your bargain-hunting and passion for Art Déco.

Visit the La Collégiale Notre Dame des Anges church and gush about its amazing interior while sampling pasta on the terrace of Bella Vita facing the edifice; it’s an unassuming Italian job where the fat lady is a man and the pasta is the lady’s divine creation. There’s a genuine French bar next door if you like to observe the locals getting their kicks after Sunday mass and an artisanal ice cream parlour next door. You’ll dig the scene…

Isle sur la Sorgue village de Provence, à visiter près de notre maison d'hôtes
Isle sur la Sorgue roue Provence
March é de la brocante et des antiquités L'Isle sur la Sorgue - Provence France
Ménerbes maginifique petit village de Provence, à proximité de notre gîte


If you’re fan of Peter Mayle, cruise on down the smallest road you find and up to Ménerbes where he lived and wrote “A Year in Provence”. When parched by the heat, you’ll want to stop at one of the many Châteaux that offer a taste of their wine production. Make sure to get a table on the terrace of the Café du Progrès, the only tobacco and newsagents shop that doubles as a restaurant and snack venue with an eagle’s view over the valleys. The shop sells up to date British, American and European newspapers if you really need a written confirmation that it’s cold and soggy back home. We’ll understand if you come back late and slightly woozy.


Agricultural products straight from the farmers’ gritty hands; every evening from 6 pm to 8 pm, except Sundays and Bank Holidays. Two hours of grainy accents and wonky stands filled with unwashed, untreated shapely fruit and veg picked the very morning at the nearby farm. It doesn’t matter that the vendors’ French is cryptic; all the produce taste of sunshine and the fresh basil effluvia almost knock you out. 2 hours of organic bliss.

Visitez Velleron et sa ferme agricole, près de notre gîte en Provence
A voir le village Lacoste en Provence, près de notre maison d'hôtes


Pierre Cardin, the Grand Master of Haute Couture was called upon to rescue the château overlooking the village where Marquis de Sade, the nobleman famous for his controversial raves lived and partied slightly harder that the snowflake millennials. The King of the Catwalk, understandably subjugated, acquired over thirty houses in the village, renovated the lot and created a Lyric Festival in an abandoned quarry nearby. See for yourself what fashion can do to old stone. The views will take your breath away.


The high-perched village has become a mecca for Provence lovers from all over the world, which is good and bad. Good, because you can order a meal without embarrassing your children by your overenthusiastic pronunciation. Bad, because the pale couples shielding from the sun under their silk cocktail brollies excitedly enquire in Taiwanese where did you get your straw Panama. Colorful artisanal market every Tuesday morning from 8 am to 1 pm; get there early, turn left at the central crossroads to park your car safely at the 4 euros per day car park just up the road.

Gordes village typique de provence, à proximité de notre gîte en Provence
A voir, la fontaine de Vaucluse, près de notre maison d'hôtes en Provence - France

Fontaine de Vaucluse

The village where the source of the river Sorgue pumps out 630 million m3 of fresh water every year at 21 m3 per second. It’s the strongest source in France and the 5th most important in the world. The village is gorgeous, but get there early as it tends to become congested. Far from the madding crowd, the countryside is full of chilled waterfalls. Explore!

Uzès and le Pont du Gard

Uzès is a lovely town in the Gard region, located about 35 miles from La Bastide des Amouriers. Reserve a whole day and don’t forget your swimming attire, including beach towels and a mat: visit the town and the Haribo bonbon factory in the morning and head to the Pont du Gard, a three-level arched Roman aqueduct spanning over the river Gard.

You can either bring a picnic (which is what the locals do) or eat in situ: the ticketing (8.50€ per person) and commercial agora is well organized with bars and restaurants open all day.

You can buy entries online. Cross the bridge and go down to the cool, shallow waters for a refreshing dip. Mind the trout.

Le célèbre pont du Gard à visiter près de notre maison d'hôtes en Provence

Le Mont Ventoux

Saddle-up if you want to measure yourself against the best participants of the Tour de France, who go up twice the 1909 metres high Géant de Provence during the 2021 edition. The roads are shaded but steep, the lunar scape top of the mountain offers amazing views over Luberon and if you take the Malaucène route you can taste the wines produced by the many vineyards nesting at the foot of this magical mount.

Les Baux de Provence

There are 2 reasons to visit Les Baux de Provence: the authentic Provençal village and its array of boutiques selling local, artisanal creations and the Carrières de Lumière immersive art experience. Walk up to the plateau where the castle stood once upon a time and admire the spectacular views. After lunch, go to the Carrières de Lumière, the underground stone quarry that puts on a sight and sound show on an exceptionally large scale.

You prefer to take it easy?

Guests can enjoy our ample garden in any way they please; refresh and regenerate in the swimming pool, gaze into the distance from a sun lounger sheltered by olive trees or contemplate the romantic pond with its whispering waterfall enhancing the relaxing atmosphere of the grounds.

The main south facing terrace is naturally protected from the rays by the imposing, centuries-old plane trees.

La bastide Les Amouriers : maison d'hôtes et gîte en Provence - Etang avec barque
La bastide Les Amouriers : maison d'hôtes et gîte en Provence - Etang
La bastide Les Amouriers : maison d'hôtes et gîte en Provence - Jardin de charme
La bastide Les Amouriers : maison d'hôtes et gîte en Provence - Jardin calme détente
La bastide Les Amouriers : maison d'hôtes et gîte en Provence - Etang avec barque
La bastide Les Amouriers : maison d'hôtes et gîte en Provence, le charme et le calme
La bastide Les Amouriers : maison d'hôtes et gîte en Provence - Jardin calme arboré
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